Bridal Gifts

Think Canadian and natural for that extra clever element of surprise - Make a wonderful all-natural Canadian impression.

Prices below will apply for bulk orders of 25 items or more. Orders over 50 items the prices will drop! Call or email to discuss your special event. We would like to be a sweet part of it!

(includes special event label and if desired a ribbon(s) for .25/item/jar)
*bag refers to a clear cellophane
*box refers to white/natural kraft



Dipped Candles 2.5”$ 2.50
Dipped Candles 7”9.25
Dipped Candles in Bag add.25
Tea Light Candles2.25
Votive Candles - small2.50
Votive Candle - large2.70


Food Products:

Natural Honey 50g hex$ 3.35
Flavored Honey 50g hex3.35
Honey Mustard or Wild Fruit Jelly (50g hex)3.35
Natural, Flavored or Honey Mustard in Bag (50g hex) add0.25
Natural Honey 150g hex4.50
Natural Honey 250g hex5.40
Honey Mustard 150g hex5.40
Honey Mustard 250g hex7.20
Natural Honey 375g plastic bear7.00
Flavored Honey or Honey Mustard  375g plastic bear9.00
Honey Bear & Mustard in Bag (both 375g plastic squeeze bears)15.25
Honey & Mustard in Bag (both 150g hex glass jars)10.25
5 - 50g hex Honey in Box18.00
5 - 50g hex Flavored Honey or Honey Mustards in Box18.00


Beauty Products:

Honey Shampoo (60ml) and Beeswax Lipbalm (7g) Stick in Bag$ 10.25
Honey Shampoo (60ml) & Conditioner (60ml) in Bag9.00
Lipbalm 7g (vanilla, mint, citrus, original)5.40
Beauty Bag Collection (Honey Shampoo & Conditioner (60ml each), Beeswax Lipbalm (7g sitck), Beeswax Skin Cream (50ml)27.00


Mixed product box, bag or baskets are available and designed to fit your budget. Prices range from $10.00 to $100.00 (or more).  Any product within our catalogue could be a great choice.

Beeswax candles would smell lovely at your guest tables and especially nice for the head table. Honey has been used traditionaly to bless weddings for centuries!


Think - How sweet it is!

Here is an approximate price breakdown. We will decorate according to your wedding colours. A charge for the basket, design and packaging will apply to each basket - this fee depends on size and volume of order. It will range from $5 to $10 dollars.

Three to six product gift$ 25.00
Six to ten product gift50.00
Ten to fifteen product gift75.00
Twelve to eighteen product gift100.00

Prices will vary according to your personalized choices.

These are guide-line prices they will vary with products chosen and quantity purchases.

How to Purchase Our Products

If you're interested in any of our products, you can order right here on our website and we’ll contact you to finalize the transaction. If you have any questions, we would enjoy hearing from you, please call us toll free at 1-888-363-2827 or 1-705-729-2939.

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